h5s r8.4 released with Linux HIKVISION/DAHUA SDK support

8.4 0521 2019
1. Don't add offline IP camera when add HIKVISION NVR.
2. Add flowplayer for RTMP with fullscreen support, refer rtmp2.html.
3. Fix GB28181 ISP ip address changed video can't play issue.
4. Add audio parameter for HIKVISION/DAHUA device add.
5. Fix GetDevice device online is not correct issue.
6. Fix playback parameter parse failed issue.
7. Add access url for Snapshot and record api.
8. Add video archive from NVR. 
9. Add tour example for client.
10. Add GB28181 PTZ Preset goto/set/delete support.

h5s r8.3 released with GB28181 playback support

8.3 0504 2019
1. Fix HIKVISION SDK to IP Camera online status not correct issue.
2. Manual Start Record Manual Stop Record multi instance support for one channel.
3. Add filename reply for all record API, so it is not suggested to add filename in API call.
4. Add SearchByFilename API to search a file for a API call.
5. Add Record disk rewrite percentage configuration.
6. Add HIKVISION SDK audio support.
7. Fix HIKVISION SDK GBK name display issue.
8. Fix GB28181 HIKVISION device RTP doesn't have markbit when has audio.

h5s r8.2 released GB28181 support

8.2 0423 2019 
1. Fix hikvision sdk multichannel playback crash issue.
2. Add device add delete api.
3. Add device add and delete in web configuration setting page.
4. Fix some time playcmd parse error.
5. Add GB28181 configuration.
6. Fix dahua sdk some time can't play video issue.
7. Add live WS support for device sdk.
8. GB28181 live video support with HIKVISION NVR and DAHUA NVR.
9. Add HIKVISION device SDK channel online status support.
10. Add GetDeviceSrc API to get all src belong to a Device.

h5s r8.0 released

8.0 0316 2019
1. Add audio enable/disable in restful api.
2. Add AAC audio support in RTC.
3. Remove Try Reconnect... false debug in javascript.
4. Fix full auth mode RTC can't play video issue.
5. Onvif keepalive time change from 2s to 5s.
6. Add hikvisionsdk dahuasdk preview, only can support webrtc.
7. Fix sometime rtmp can't play issue.
8. Add RTSP client GET_PARAMETER for keepalive.
9. Improve RTSP on demand mode disconnect time.

h5s r7.3 released with ARM support

7.3 0104 2019
1. Add ARM linux version, tested with rk3288/raspberry pi 3b+.
2. Add rtsp playback pause/resume/seek/speed support, please update your h5splayer.js.
3. Fix webrtc close crash on ARM platform.
4. Update manual for RTSP/RTMP/HLS/FLV url, cloud push configuration, user management.
5. Release a preview version iotsdk.

h5s 7.2 released

7.2 1130 2018
1. Change all live555 log to info level. 
2. Add options method for rtsp.
3. Add controls in flv.html for 
   chrome Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: play() failed because the user didn't interact with the document first
4. Fix bUseRTPTSComment not correct in config file.
5. RTC support G711a/G711u audio.
6. Fix onvif 2s not check camera status issue.
7. Add webrtc performance test client in h5ssload.
8. Add h5ssload in Windows 64bit release.
9. Fix webrtc restart issue for linux.

h5s 7.1 released

7.1 1103 2018
1.Fix cloud mode pre-record deadlock issue.
2.Change rotating  log default size from 2M to 10M.
3.Change default log level to Info.
4.Fix English version OnCameras to Cameras in dashboard. 
5.Fix sometime connect crash on Windows Server 2008.