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H5S R11.0 RELEASED WITH GPU transcoding and WeChat Scan support


11.0 0309 2020
1. Spilt GPU transcoding to standalone process.
2. Add NVIDIA multi GPU transcoding support.
3. Add transcoding profile operation API.
4. Add transcoding profile operation UI.
5. Add transcoding scale support.
6. Add GPU list and encode decode usage in dashboard.
7. Add SW(CPU) transcoding for Loogson and ARMv8.
8.Fix serverpb mode don't have Audio issue.
9.Fix RTMP push don't have audio issue.
10.Fix video conference audio echo issue.
11.Add HIK SDK audio intercom.

h5s r10.4 released with Hik ISC/Tiandy/Video Conference support


10.4 0110 2020
1.Select main stream when there has no sub stream such as GB28181 and RTSP.
2.Add 监控点 configuration UI and API.
3.Add HikVISION iSecure Center platform integration support.
4.Add GB28181 SSRC check item, default disable SSRC check.
5.Change GB28181 default keepalive timeout from 120s to 7200s.
6.Change cloud default keepalive from 3s to 15s.
7.Add GB28181 reboot and refresh API.
8.Add DHSDK record search support.
9.Fix DHSDK playback ts update not correct issue.
10.Default load all channel for SDK.

h5s r10.1 released with liveview ui updated

h5s r10.1 released with liveview ui updated

10.3 1215 2019
1.Add cloud keepalive time interval configuration in cloud conf, default is 3s.
2.Add cloud mode playback from Device SDK support.
3.Add GB platform parameter check. 
4.Add GB platform configuration on the fly support.
5.Fix HIK/DH SDK reconnect device online not correct issue.
6.Update kernel.pid_max in the Linux Performance setting.
7.Update live view UI.
8.Add GB28181 bEnableCascade configuration item.