H5S video platform is equipped with a powerful device integration framework, can support most video surveillance manufacturer’s device SDK and industry standardThe system use an auto detection-transcoding technology and leading WEBRTC technology, then can improve operator efficiency; The system use cross OS/CPU platform technology and then  provide flexibility to deploy on x64/Arm architecture.

Support WEBRTC platform with low latency without transcoding, with on-premises environment, user can access the WEBRTC video stream by TURN.

Support ONVIF camera integration with Profile S, also support NVR with Profile G/T, support H264/H265 encoding and G711/AAC audio.

Support most NVR/IPC manufacturer’s device SDK  such as Hikvision DAHUA UNVIEW Tiandy with live view/playback/PTZ.

Support most VMS integration such as ISC DSS and IVS with live view/playback/PTZ.

Support REST API for recording operation with WEBRTC and WS mode.

Support token base API authorization, support HTTP/HTTPS. Video streaming encrypted with HTTPS.

The user-friendly Web UI and mobile source code are open, easy to customize UI, Expand the capabilities of your system to fit your organization’s needs.






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