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h5s r6.1 released

6.1 0716 2018
1.Split API document from manual document.
2.Fix output bitrate not correct when > 10240k
3.Fix Ubuntu 16.04 bitrate always 0 issue.
4.Fix linux meminfo fd leak issue.
5.Add change linux max socket method in the document.
6.Fix record file read Permission denied issue.
7.Video panel full screen support in UI.
8.Video panel close button added in UI.
9.Add Change default play protocol support in UI.
10. Add PTZ control support in UI.
11. GetSrc API keep the camera password, doesn't change to ******.

h5s r6.0 released


6.0 0709 2018
1.Fix rtsp sdp parse if there has onvif meta track.
2.Update POCO to 1.9.0
3.Add G711U/G711A audio trancoding support.
4.Change the old index.html to demo.html
5.Add liveview UI page.
6.Add storage usage space and free space to GetRunInfo.
7.Running info auto change from K to M when > 10240 and M to G when > 10240.

h5s r5.6 released

5.6 0625 2018
1.RTMP and file support B frame(WS html5 player), verify with rtmp://
2.File support AAC audio.
3.When DecodeIframe for the html5 video poster, just show the online.
4.Fix Firefox and Safari WS play issue.
5.Fix Safari blank video when play WS and RTC.
6.Fix flv Access-Control-Allow-Origin can’t play video issue.