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h5s r8.2 released GB28181 support

8.2 0423 2019 
1. Fix hikvision sdk multichannel playback crash issue.
2. Add device add delete api.
3. Add device add and delete in web configuration setting page.
4. Fix some time playcmd parse error.
5. Add GB28181 configuration.
6. Fix dahua sdk some time can't play video issue.
7. Add live WS support for device sdk.
8. GB28181 live video support with HIKVISION NVR and DAHUA NVR.
9. Add HIKVISION device SDK channel online status support.
10. Add GetDeviceSrc API to get all src belong to a Device.

h5s r8.0 released

8.0 0316 2019
1. Add audio enable/disable in restful api.
2. Add AAC audio support in RTC.
3. Remove Try Reconnect... false debug in javascript.
4. Fix full auth mode RTC can't play video issue.
5. Onvif keepalive time change from 2s to 5s.
6. Add hikvisionsdk dahuasdk preview, only can support webrtc.
7. Fix sometime rtmp can't play issue.
8. Add RTSP client GET_PARAMETER for keepalive.
9. Improve RTSP on demand mode disconnect time.