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h5s 7.2 released

7.2 1130 2018
1. Change all live555 log to info level. 
2. Add options method for rtsp.
3. Add controls in flv.html for 
   chrome Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: play() failed because the user didn't interact with the document first
4. Fix bUseRTPTSComment not correct in config file.
5. RTC support G711a/G711u audio.
6. Fix onvif 2s not check camera status issue.
7. Add webrtc performance test client in h5ssload.
8. Add h5ssload in Windows 64bit release.
9. Fix webrtc restart issue for linux.

h5s 7.1 released

7.1 1103 2018
1.Fix cloud mode pre-record deadlock issue.
2.Change rotating  log default size from 2M to 10M.
3.Change default log level to Info.
4.Fix English version OnCameras to Cameras in dashboard. 
5.Fix sometime connect crash on Windows Server 2008.

h5s 7.0 released


7.0 1012 2018
1. Cluster function support.
2. Add iotsdk for device manager.
3. Change cloud keepalive from json to binrary.
4. Change server thread num cache from 50 to 200.
5. add api to get ws user count.
6. add api to get webrtc user count.
7. Pre record support, default is disable, and default length is 15s.