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rapidvms opencv prepare build

In rapidvms, most thrid party windows are pre build such as poco and ffmpeg, but for the opencv, the prebuild is about 400M,

you in next release, we need remove prebuild library for opencv.

So you want to build rapidvms new version, you need prepare the opencv. 

1. Build x86 version: Open VS2017 x86 Native Tools command, and then cd 3rdparty\opencv exec the build-win32.bat

2. Build x64 version: Open VS2017 x64 Native Tools command, and then cd 3rdparty\opencv exec the build-x64.bat

how to enable rapidvms as powserful RTSP RTMP HLS FLV streaming server

For Network Camera, the output stream maybe limit because of the it's CPU and network bandwidth, so rapidvms has a powerful build-in RTSP RTMP HLS FLV server, also and be extend for media source extensions(MSE), you can use rapidvms make one stream to Hundreds of stream.

1. GetCamList



2. GetStreamUrl