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RTSP to google webrtc native framework

Recently all the browser disable the plugin, include chrome and edge, and flash player will be end-of-life at to play live video with low latency in browser, today we introduce a method which based on google webrtc native stack  .There has a lot of discuss in Google Groups for how to input external rtsp to webrtc c++ native framework, webrtc c++ framework only accept YUV raw data, and input the encoder(OpenH264/iOS Android Hardware), and send to peer, user can't send pre-compressed data to webrtc. see below diagram.

RTSP in HTML5 with low latency

For IP camera, low latency is very important, the best latency is about 300ms to 400ms, and RTSP(Real Time Streaming Protocol) is a best protocol for IP camera, all the IP camera has web interface, so the web interface need support video live view. and in IE and old version Chrome/Firefox/Safari support plugin, so most IP camera manufacturer will develop plug-in for IE and Chrome, IE has ActiveX, Chrome/Firefox/Safari has NPAPI interface. And Flash in another plug-in, some application also use RTMP for Flash to play video in HTML5.