h5s r8.4 released with Linux HIKVISION/DAHUA SDK support

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8.4 0521 2019
1. Don't add offline IP camera when add HIKVISION NVR.
2. Add flowplayer for RTMP with fullscreen support, refer rtmp2.html.
3. Fix GB28181 ISP ip address changed video can't play issue.
4. Add audio parameter for HIKVISION/DAHUA device add.
5. Fix GetDevice device online is not correct issue.
6. Fix playback parameter parse failed issue.
7. Add access url for Snapshot and record api.
8. Add video archive from NVR. 
9. Add tour example for client.
10. Add GB28181 PTZ Preset goto/set/delete support.
11. Add HIKVISION/DAHUA SDK Linux support.
12. Add HIKVISION SDK Ptz support.
13. Add DAHUA SDK Ptz support.
14. Don't add offline IP camera when add DAHUA NVR.
15. Get channel name from DAHUA SDK.
16. Add GB28181 reboot update channel list support.