h5s r10.0 released with Loongson KunPeng CPU Support

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10.0 1105 2019
1. Add GB28181 up register to GB28181 platform.
2. Optimize GB28181 PS stream parse performance.
3. Add GB28181 configuration page in h5sconsole.
4. Update h5sconsole setting page.
5. Add watermark in h5sconsole page.
6. Add KunPeng armv8 support. 
7. Add phytium  armv8 support.
8. Add loongson3 support.
9. Add advance playback timeline support in h5sconsole.
10. Remove DAHUA SDK offline camera.
11. Add DAHUASDK H.265 support.
12. Add GB28181 H265 support is GB28181 device support.
13. Remove h5sconsole googleapi dependency.
14. Add warning for h5sconsole login if user or password is not correct.
15. Package the libstdc++.so.6 in release package for Centos 7.
16. Optimize h5splayer.js for WebRTC.