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H5Stream is a Streaming which can transfer RTSP to HTML5 native video, It requires support of HTML5 Video with Media Sources Extensions for live view. It has server side and Client JavaScript API, also the H5Stream has a websocket server.

Feature List

  • Native HTML5 player, no plug-in.
  • Support RTSP stream input, convert RTSP H264 into HTML5 Media Source Extensions H264
  • Support Websocket
  • Support video encryption by Websocket over SSL
  • Don't need transcoding.
  • Low latency, in Chrome Firefox and safari the best latency is 300ms(1080P)
  • API for embedded device Raw H264 stream input.
  • Chrome & safari Hardware decoding support.

Browser support

  • Firefox 49+
  • Chrome 49+
  • OSX Safari 9.1+
  • MS Edge 14+
  • Opera 41+
  • Android 4.4.4+`
  • IE 11 /Win8/Win10