h5s r5.2 released

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5.2 0514 2018
1.Fix HLS can gen m3u8 and ts fmp4 file when running as windows service.
2.Path record does’t check with local time, just record the duration.
3.Add manual record start/stop.
4.GetSrc add bRec status.
5.Add https(wss) video push support.
6.Fix there has webrtc message parse error when web closed.
7.Add auto play when the browser support.
Chrome support this http://localhost:8080/rtc.html?token=token1&autoplay=1
but when change to websocket, chrome does’t allow
Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: play() failed because the user didn’t interact with the document first. https://goo.gl/xX8pDD