H5s r9.4 released with Linux H.265 GPU transcoding and Software transcoding support

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9.4 0720 2019
1. Fix HIKVISION SDK playback pasue close lock issue.
2. Add file extension to the strFileName in the record reply.
3. Add Archive speed control parameter, max is x16. Support 1 2 4 8 16.
5. Record and Archive support H.265 in mp4.
6. H5S server playback support by filename, and support H.265 transcoding.
7. Add H265 snapshot and Getimage JPEG support.
8. Change DAHUA SDK playback time to ISO8601 format.
9. Fix some time GB28181 callid changed when there no reboot online/offline issue.
10. Fix HIKVISION SDK USERNOTEXIST 47 failed and auto relogin can't playvideo issue.
11. Search record API add achive type.
12. Add event html5 javascript support. Include archive finished event.
13. Add h5sconsole snapshot in browser, the png will auto download client.
14. Add h5sconsole single video full screen support.
15. Add Linux H265 transcoding support.
16. Archive add API to get archive status.
17. Add Archive force H.264 mode to transcode H.265 to H.264.
18. Add loading image from jpg file support.