h5s r10.4 released with Hik ISC/Tiandy/Video Conference support

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10.4 0110 2020
1.Select main stream when there has no sub stream such as GB28181 and RTSP.
2.Add 监控点 configuration UI and API.
3.Add HikVISION iSecure Center platform integration support.
4.Add GB28181 SSRC check item, default disable SSRC check.
5.Change GB28181 default keepalive timeout from 120s to 7200s.
6.Change cloud default keepalive from 3s to 15s.
7.Add GB28181 reboot and refresh API.
8.Add DHSDK record search support.
9.Fix DHSDK playback ts update not correct issue.
10.Default load all channel for SDK.
11.Optimize some SDK Get channel online/offine too slow issue.
12.Add Tiandy SDK integration support, live video on windows.
13.Add consolelog: 'true' // 'true' or 'false' enable/disable console.log for javascript
14.Add WebRTC based Video/Audio communication support.